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Saving layered files as a JPEG?

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Hi there,

I am layering a photo.

Background: Picture of a car

1st layer: SOLD - a gif file (placed across the background)

Then I save it. It saves as a Paint.NET image. When I try to upload it to my website it will not allow it.

When I try to save the picture as a JPEG, Paint.net flattens the image to a single layer and removes the sold sign.

So - my question - is it possible to save a layered picture as a JPEG without losing the layer?

I am very new to this...... I AM GREEN!

Thank you


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No, JPEG can't contain layering information. Nor transparancy, but that is not of any importance. I suggest you save it as both a JPG, and a PDN file, and edit it with the PDN file when you feel like it, so you can overwrite the JPG later.

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yea this may not be your question either but you may have white around that car that you are not aware of and when you flatten the layers the sold gets hidden behind that white, so if you want jpeg instead of .PNG you can try cropping out only the car.

But, you could also sign up for something called photobucket, upload your images there, then copy the HTML code to your website.(Not the image code as that is for forums, the HTML Tag is for websites) Photobucket uploads and supports all types of pictrue files.

Or, you could just use .PNG. i use this a lot most of the time.


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PNG transparency is not fully supported by all modern browsers and results in a much larger file for most images when compared to JPG. If you're saving source files on your hard-drive for future composition, then PNG is great, but for picture images (photographs or images with a great many colors), JPG is seriously the better alternative.

Don't mean to rain on the PNG parade, but it's the truth. Not everyone has broadband, and not everyone uses a good browser. :wink:

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my question - is it possible to save a layered picture as a JPEG without losing the layer?

Seems he lost a layer, JPG or PNG doesn't really matter.

>> Be sure your layer is 'checked' before saving / or flattening.

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