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"Not Enough Memory to Load Image"

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Alright, I got myself in a predicament. I was working on an image that admittedly contains a large number of layers along with a huge pixel size. I know paint.net's limitations in working with large images, and I was prepared to work within those confines. However, typically, when working with large images, Paint.net will not let me save, add layers, change sizes, etc. when I'm about to exceed the memory requirements.

Anyway, so I created my image, saved it and closed Paint.net. I tried to reopen the file today, only to find that Paint.net now considers it too big to open!

Do I have any hope of recovering the information in this image? Even a portion of it?

Or, is there anyone out there who is willing to open my image for me on a better computer and split half of the layers out into a new image, to decrease the size? It took me a while to put it together, so I'd hate to have to start from scratch. I will email the file to you (zipped to 5MB).

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Thanks Yata.

I actually was just able to get the file open by running Windows in Safe Mode. I figured that since I was able to save the file, I had to be close memory-wise, and running in safe mode shut down enough stuff to free up just enough memory to open the file. I was then able to strip out some easily redo-able layers and resave.

Thanks for the offer!

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