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Questions on Shrinking Text Very Small

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I'm jacked up over this app and plan to use it for my hobby, which is model car building; mostly 1:25 scale plastic kits. I will be attempting to make my own decals with PDN. To start; I'm building an 88 Dodge Daytona. Check it out! I airbush automotive urithane on the bodies and use enamals for the trim.




(I made the interior guages & related stuff with PDN. I didn't know what I was doing, but had fun and it didn't come out half bad!)

Now, I need to make two insignia's; one that is the "Dodge" text logo and the other is the word "Daytona" in similar font.

I can find Dodge logo's all day online. Here's one I found and saved in PDN:


When I try to minimize it while keeping it real clean and crisp, things aren't going so well. I've been opening in PDN and simply reducing by percent. How can I do a better job? I need this thing to be about .25 inches wide.

As for the "Daytona" ingsignia, I've got to make that one from scratch. I tried a few things; like going into word and making one with the closest font I can find and reducing to 5pt. Then, I copied and pasted in PDN, but again, the image loses quality; it's not as sharp edged and clean looking; kind of blury and as I reduce in PDN, things get worse.

I'm sure that I'm probably doing several things wrong. Anyone have some advice on how I can do a better job with both tasks?

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If you're going to print it, you can just reduce the resolution in Image > Resize.

But it depends on the quality of your printer.

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if you go to locol hobby shops they usually have model car decals that you can have custom made, i know cuz i did that once for my ford roadster i made, i went to the hobby shop and asked them to make me a FORD decal to put on the back of the roadster and they made it up for me, idk if your hobby shop does this but its worth a try aye?


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I noticed that in PDN, my reductions get blurry and smooth edged. That's exactly what I'm hoping to fix.

I found one of those "dafont.com" fonts that was actually perfect (Thanks Kirby) and did some minor edits to make a dead match. I saved it at about 210dpi; the file size is very small, but for some reason, my app locks up when I hit print... I like printing in MS Photo Editor because I can reduce the size from the printer after reducing in PDN. For some reason, it helps keep the resolution clean.

Anyone know why the MS Photo Editor would lock up like that?

On LHS', I prefer to make my own decals as it's cheaper and I can make some from digital photos (replicas) etc.

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