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Rate the username of the poster above you!

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Mr Frojo reminds me of Frodo. Frodo reminds me of midjets. midjets remind me of 1 foot tall, hostile elves. One foot tall hostile elves remind me of trees. Trees remind me of people who recyle. People who recycle remind me of nice people. Nice people remind me of myself. Myself is awesome I'll give you 9/10.

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Wither... 9/10. Oddly, instead of provoking images of dying things in my mind, I think of archaic English. (i.e. Whither shalt I goest now that Bossketh the Lizardeth of Wizardry hath cast a spell upon me?)

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FrEaK, I give you a 0.97.


bossk if it wasnt for the two "ss" you would get a 8/10

but since its a hassle to type you get 7.5/10 :D

:cry::cry::cry: Your so cruel!!!!!!

fine you can have your 8/10 Bossk The Wizard Lizard


Site: RIP =(

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