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Rate the username of the poster above you!

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It lacks a showcase of a certain degree of ability that you, I know, can be sure to conjure, and furthermore, the decorational element behind the "H" is little explained, or to be furthered upon, which could potentially cause confusion to the average end-user. Because of this, the rating of the aforementioned signature stands at "5/10" as "us" users would type.

Just kidding.



I am a disco dancer. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+

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Oh, it's Jeev. I was going to give a 5/10, but now I know that it's Jeev, I say 7.5/10 It sounds to much like a basketball wannabe name...

I hate my Username just so everyone knows. If I were to make a new one they'd be:

GhostAssassin63 (Xbox Live Gamertag)

LesPaulNinja63 (I have a Gibson Les Paul)

TheHolyMage63 (I do magic and am holy :D )


..:The Official Sass Giver:..

..:Xbox Live Gamertag: Dutch Man Dann:..

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hmm random lines with curves and then shape3D? ...

I don't like those 2 ig black lines...but nice though 7/10

Wrong thread.

Anyway, yours, I hate it, it's all in capitals, it uses a 3 as a substitute for E, I overall hate it.

If I had to choose a new username, it would probably be a real name like "Ben Woodley", but it wouldn't be my own, so as to throw people who don't know me very well off, for more than one reason. Knowing me, I'd probably make it female... "Page Page". Yes, Page is a valid first name AND surname, as a random piece of knowledge, Also, I wouldn't use that, it was a joke, so don't rate it unless you want to.

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If I did use Page, I'd probably use the "Paige" variant. Anyway, as I said before, I hate milky bars, they make me feel sick, so likewise, your posts make me feel sick. :D 2/10 Sorry!

Milkybars aren't my favourite, it's just that I have a startling resemplance to the milkybar kid off the TV, it's actually quite scary!!!

Anyway so most of the people in my school call me the Milkybar Kid or Stringer. Don't ask about the second one, I don't know why I get called it, someone else gets called Squishy. I'm actually quite lucky!!


Ooops, sorry Spirt, TPBM rate Spirit's names please!

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There is actually a nice fad going round our class at the moment, in which whenever someone answers their name, they add their name to the begging, just to annoy the teacher, but only some of us do it:


'Here Miss'


'Here Miss'


'Craig Here Miss'

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