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You're welcome, Mr. Syntax. I want to play, too.

Here's the original:

its .... ok

bad that it dont start with an capital :)

it would be an nice detail :)

Here is the drafting on the original:

{i - capital}t{' - spelling}s ...{. - intra-sentence ellipsis requires three periods, not four; and each period requires a one-space separation} {ok - abbreviation without punctuation--what, do you work for the New Yorker?}

{syntax - try "It is"} {b - capital}ad that it {dont - abbreviation without punctuation; however, "don't" is the wrong word, anyway} start with a{n - try "a"} capital :){sentences end with periods.}

{i - capital} t would be a{n - try "a nice detail"} nice detail :){sentences end with periods.}

Here is your corrected comment:

It's . . . okay. It is bad that it doesn't start with a capital. :) It would be a nice detail. :)
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