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Well, basically, i chose this name because it's my first name (surprise, surprise!) For games and such, i usually take Dinskydude, but if I'm actually producing something, i like to be called by my actual name.

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And pronounced...


...as the first line describes.

Arthurian Legend, Medieval England and so forth (anything ancient really) big thumbs up. The fascination, the intrigue, the mystery, the links between different cultures and time eras by myths and legends are all fantastically interesting.

The old - i.e. <15th C - the dead, the geology, the archaeology are much more interesting than the living and the new. However, having said that I do like my new technologies, gadgets and stuff, future technology what the future holds and all that.

EDIT: to add more to my lengthy post, I occasionally also go by the name of Mortal from Midgard (haven't been that for too long) and also bit-weird / bitwierd.

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And because it just flows off the tounge.

I chose Commander Sozo because it was in a song, and because I thought it sounded cool. Sometimes I use Stupendous Man as my name because I love Calvin and Hobbes. And there's always the old standby of MasterRyan..

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Way back in 1988, I knew a kid in high school who thought he was a witch. He wanted me to be a witch too (I'm *sooo* not kidding...he was mostly-friendless, and I learned the seax-wica runic alphabet), and told me that should be my "witch" name.

Never had much use for it until I signed up for prodigy in 1993 or so, and I've been using it pretty much everywhere since then. If you ever see a "drakaan" anywhere (except for myspace...oddly, someone had already registered it there) on a website or forum, there's a 99 percent chance it's me.

I hate having to remember what my login is, and it's seldom taken, so...

drakaan sig jan 2020.png

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MattBlackLamb is a mish-mash of my first middle & last names. My 1st name is Matt / Matthew, so no prizes for guessing where the Matt bit of my name comes from. Black is slightly more criptic, my middle name is Jacob, & jacob sheep are the black ones. Lamb is my surname, so again no prizes for guessing where that came from :)


Son, someday you will make a girl happy for a short period of time. Then she'll leave you & be with men that are ten times

better than you can imagine. These men are called musicians. :D

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Well, like BB, my name comes from a card game I played when I was around.. 8?

Yata is not only a band, or some abbreviation I don't even know what is (some kind of association) but it is from the card game Yu-Gi-Oh *shudders*

This is Yata


I do not like that game whatsoever now, but the name Yata just fits me, I have no idea why.

I could find a better picture, but that was the biggest one I could find.

Well, now you know :P

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"

[ dA Paint.NET Chat :: Yata on dA ]

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