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from playing with paint.net to productive useage


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well here is a question to you very sophisticated people on the paint net forum

where to from here?.......

Many of you I've noticed are way beyond what I can ever dream of attempting. Question to you all are you planning careers in computor related fields ? or working on developement projects?

as an OMA (grandmother) things I'd like to see in the tuts how to make lace ( Don't you 14 yr old boys laugh now, just you try to come up with an easy grandma friendly tut to do this, its not real easy or maybe it is?? you all tell me )

I'd like some textured papers, and what about some skeletonal leaves. These are things scrapbookers love to have digitally, and in this program I'm sure we can come up with some of these, at least look at it as a chance to put some of your knowledge and skills to practical use.

don't be shy now comments please

really interested in what you all will be doing with your many fine talents of computor useage in this great program.


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OMA, I will follow you. I have no idea. I can't even get the color wheel to show up. I would like to make a polka dot pattern that I can print and use to make table number cards for a wedding. I can find nothing when I search. This should be relatively simple. I think making lace would be wonderful.

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