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Ctrl+V and Ctrl+C

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ok, basically, as a rule of thumb, remember this.

when you only want to use one program (like PDN and never leave the program), you can just use ctrlC and ctrlV.

when you move images between programs (IE and PDN or something) you should use the little menus. (just for security)

that all you need to know.

oh, copy = take all selected pixels and put them in window's clipboard

paste = take everything in the clipboard and put it where you told it to go.

cut = same as copy but it removes selection from w/e you were working on

The clipboard is a small little cache that windows uses to keep files for convenience to the user. these files (usually a small strand of text or an image) can be called upon at any time you need them by pasting. copying or cutting clears the clipboard of the last file and puts the new one in.

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