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GenTree: Generator of Trees & Branches (YMD:100725)

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Yeah, us Europeans write the date in a different way to you Yanks ;) we do it DD/MM/YY whereas you do it MM/DD/YY,


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Work in progress situation (before vaccation)


I've changed my mind for this plugin and instead drawing each pixels, I'm using Polygons.

It's allow the use of gradients.

As it uses a self-recursive process, it could need a lot of CPU/Memory (or just time) depending on the settings.

You have to click on 'Preview' to run the renderer to update the image (or check 'Auto-update').

Test it, play with it and let me know.

New plugin GenTree.dll

Here is the zip for the DLL

Advise: Save your work as often as posibly (in temporary folder if you want...) this plugin is still work in progress!

No risk to use it if you have a backup...

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I already have the latest update for this plugin. Nonetheless, when it is run, even with the default or different settings, the end-product is a very short Y-stump which doesn't grow with different settings. Wonder if its a problem for others too as I don't see too many users posting their creations.

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