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Light & colour advice

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I have been trying to produce an image to use for some of my business marketing, something similar to this




I have followed a couple of the tutorials on here, utilising the drop shadow and alpha mask.

The thing I would like help with is the lighting and colouring.


I have managed to do something in black and white, but I am unsure how to do the lighting effect or colour certain areas without it looking, well to be honest cr@p!


This is what i've done so far, 





Can someone provide me with some advice on how to get the effects please.



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Hello Crsze, and welcome to the forum!


The lighting on the upper picture looks like a diamond gradient, try making a black and white diamond gradient on a new layer and set the blend mode to additive and the opacity around 200, it's all about how light you want the white diamond to be so make sure to tinker with the adjustments until it is just right for you.


For the color I'd suggest Ed Harvey's Color Filter or Color Tint which can be found here with an example of how Color Tint works. (Just make sure to download the latest version of the plugin pack!)

When having installed the plugins use whichever of the plugins mentioned above on the objects you want to recolor. You'll get the best result if the object is grey, and not black or white. 


Hope this was of any help :)

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Would it be problematic if you made the lines thicker for the squares? That would give you more room for lighting effects.

Also, make sure your drop shadow is directional. For example, if the light is coming from the top right corner of the image, make the shadow only show around the bottom left edges of the objects.


EDIT: one more thing I forgot to mention. Make the image very large. That way, when you go to resize it down to what you wanted, you won't have problems with it looking blurry like my example picture in this post.

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