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Why does Paint.Net 3.0.x take so long to save a file?

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I noticed this with the first release of Paint.Net 3, and it has persisted through the service updates. I was wondering first, if anyone else is having this problem, and second if anyone knew of a way to correct it. Paint.Net takes a very long time to open saveFileDialogs, and then when the item is saved Using Save As, it takes a looong time (Several minutes for a 3.24 kb Png Image). I am using 3.0.7 and still have this problem. The application isn't locking up after saving, as it isn't until the tail end of the program locking up that the file appears. This does not occur for me if I simply do a "Save" as opposed to a "Save As", so I've been using this as a workaround, but I find the Save As Dialog much more useful, as I am usually opening Master Files and saving changes as Use Files. Any help or information is greatly appreciated.



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Do you have some remote folders or drives in the folder you're saving?

3.0.8 seems to have improved slightly.

Which means it runs faster under 3.08?

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