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CTRL + SHIFT + S shortcut for Save As


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I noticed that, in Windows XP, when you press the CTRL + SHIFT + S shortcut to "Save As" a Paint.NET document, if you're in the My Pictures folder, (or any folder with the view set to Thumbnails,) the file and folder names disappear from underneath the thumbnails. They don't come back unless you close the save window, and manually go up and click File, and then click Save As.

Would I be correct in assuming that this is because of a slight conflict with Explorer's ability to hide thumbnail text? (If you hold Shift, and double click a folder that has its view set to "thumbnails" Explorer will hide the file names...personally I think this a dumb feature...but oh well... :P )

Anyway, I guess I can click "File > Save As" to avoid this annoying problem. But I think it would be excellent if it was possible to fix this, so that it could be easily accessed through the keyboard without the worry of file names playing hide and seek. :)

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Wow, I was always wondering why the filenames were hidden. You figured it out! I just fixed it, and luckily this is getting in right before we're completely locking down the code for the Release Candidate stage. You'll see this fixed in Monday's release. Thanks!

I agree that this is a ... ahem ... non-optimal ... feature of Explorer ;)

[The fix I'm employing is that we'll just wait to show the Save As dialog until the user releases the Shift key ... simple yeah? About 2 lines of code.]

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