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Compiled dll not picked up by pdn

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I can't seem to get this to work, I have compiled a dll in c# express. Paint.net just won't pick up the effect.

Should I post my solution files here so someone can help or any other ideas?

I used the effectplugin template, referenced the paintdotnet.core dll.


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Do you want me to post the entire solution or just the effect code?

It would help if you posted your source code.

BTW, if your effect crashes when PDN is trying to load it, PDN will simply not load it. PDN will not crash or give an error message in this case.

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Looks like it is crashing like you said it may be.

Yah its crashing cause of the png icon. When I had it return null for the icon, it runs. Strange.

Thanks for your help bolt, I am not sure what the icon issue is, I will check on that later, but if you see the problem, I'd appreciate any input on that. Pdn picks it up without the icon correctly.

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