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All windows going fullscreen

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Hi there,

I've just updated to version 3.07, and now I'm having the following problem: every window (even toolbox, history etc., but also resize etc.) has a fullscreen size, like this:


It's pretty annoying, actually.

Is it my fault?



[edit] I re-installed the program, but the problem remains. :-( I've never seen anything like this in the previous versions...

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Ok it looks solved now. Thanks for the remark Rick, it was very useful.

It was of course my own fault. I realised that a few days ago, I was trying to use a second monitor (for a presentation) and I must have changed some monitor settings then. It said something like 'open all applications on last monitor'. So I set all my nView-settings back to default and it worked perfectly. Woohoo!

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