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Dropping Files into PdN I'm shown empty thumbnails

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I dropped 21 files into Paint.NET and selected "Paste in to new image". When it was done, it left me with several empty thumbnails:


This was only a minor annoyance because when I clicked on the empty thumbnail it did switch to the proper image and the thumbnail was then refreshed for that image.

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"Then shows everything"

... So the thumbnails do show up if you just wait a bit?

My guess is you're just paging a ton, and the other images are just taking awhile to catch up. My computations put those 21 images as requiring about 1.2gb of memory ... no doubt your hard drive is thrashing like crazy.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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By, "shows everything" I mean, no screen updates are made during the second half of the load process, then I see the screenshot I posted above.

You're right that the system is paging like crazy during that time, but the thumbnails never show. Even if I scroll the list back-and-forth they stay blank. If I click on a blank thumbnail it does update at that time.

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