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the paint.net help files

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i have read post till i am blue in the face and have passed out and come too again... :cry: i have one simple question for the great people here who can understand some things that are totaly alien to me. my questions is:

Are the Help files for Paint.Net available in a PDF format or some kind of document that can be downloaded ...printed for referrel usages while i try to learn how Paint.Net works. i have been a user of the dear old MS Paint for years and know its limitations and was show Paint.Net and am very interested in learning it but this old brain needs more then reading online to make it stick up there :oops:

thank you for your time abd any help you can extend to me

hobian (hobi for short)

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hey don't forget the tutorials section man, there are some easily performable ones in there and they can help you too, and they should likely be a smaller COPY+PASTE to a word document job...


Site: RIP =(

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thanks... i have read a few thats.. why i asked about a help pdf...

i have a huge notebook for one of my programs that i had to do that for - 4 inches and still growing from the copy/paste ordeal of trying to learn something new...lol

thanks again


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