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WIA for scanning

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PLease can anyone help me as I am frustrated at not being able to use my scanners with Paint.net. I have XP SP2 and two canon scanners which work perfectly well with all my other imaging software, the fly out box for scanning is greyed out. but I can print .WIA is activated and Canon unhelpfully directed me to Microsoft for a solution, they can't tell me what is wrong.

There must be something I have missed. any ideas please.



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Hello Bob,

Thanks for your reply about my WIA problem. Having contacted Canon they assured me that they did support it.

I will get back to them with a complaint.

Why do manufacturers make matters worse - not the first time for me,Symantec can be a nightmare as well. I am very disapointed but can scan otherwise and import into Paint .net


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Hi Bob,

I am sure that other Canon scanner users are like me, unhappy about not having WIA available, especially with my newer model.

I have gone back to Canon complaining about the wrong info they gave me and asking if anything can be done.

I updated all drivers recently,especially to keep my old scanner working, which it does.


I will report what Canon says when I hear some sense from them.


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Please tell me how to activate WIA as it posted above!

Thank you! :oops:

I own a CanoScan LIDE 25 and, yes, it does support WIA!

The WIA driver is almost hidden in installation CD, in "X:\Canada\WIA" folder. Don't ask me why "Canada". :shock:

It isn't installed by default! You need to remove the TWAIN driver (in case you already installed it) and install WIA manually.

There's also a good documentation (README, Install Guide, User's Guide), so it won't be difficult to make it work!

If your installation CD doesn't have the WIA, try google: "canon lide 25 scanner wia driver", replacing "lide 25" by your scanner model. In my case, I've found out it is available for download in http://www.canon.com.au

Good luck!

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