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Colorizing effect?

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I was wondering if Paintnet had a recolor option. I'm not sure how to explain it. Another paint program I have has an option it calls Colorizing effects brush. You pick a color and using the paint brush you can change the colors on an area of a picture well keeping the light and dark areas intake.

For example: I used the colorize effects brush with red and then blue color selected on this picture.


Is there a way to do something similar with Paintnet?

Sorry if this is a really basic question, I'm new to this program.

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i got this:saturationtest.png

by 1)duplicating the layer :DuplicateLayer:

2)using the rectangle tool :RectangleTool: and changing the setting to "draw filled shape" :ShapeInterior: and draw the rectangles at the color/sizes u want on the top layer

3)set the top layers properties :Properties: to overlay

4)flatten and save!

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