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How do i set an image i created into my background?

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Do you mean your desktop background? If so, go to your desktop. Click properties. Go to the desktop tab. Browse your files and select the picture you want.

Or right click the file and push "set as background"

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As your Windows Desktop background?

Firstly, make sure it's saved as a JPG. PNG and GIF do technically work as well, but you lose desktop transparency. Then, make sure the Windows Explorer window is in Thumbnail of Slideshow view. The Set as Desktop Background option only appears in the context menu if the folder is in one of those two views.

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I discovered that on accident-- I clicked into the wrong directory when choosing my wallpaper and that directory happened to be the one were I put my website stuff.

I started out with simply saving the Google homepage and editing the source so you can actually preform a web search (opens results in a web browser), but that wasn't enough for me (won't be a very fast download):

http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/9974/u ... perbu4.png

I customized the page by adding backgrounds (editing them in pdn, of course) and changing all the fonts to Segoe UI.

BTW, doesn't it remind you of the Pontiac commercial? ["Google Pontiac and see for yourself."]

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