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selecting a certain piece

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You could...

* Duplicate the layer

* Select (quickly) around the car with lasso tool > EDIT > Invert Selection (so that the out portion is selected

* Press the delete key (you may want to uncheck visability of the original layer

* Reduce the tolerance level.

* Use the wand tool to select portions of the left over area THAT ARE NOT PART OF THE CAR (if it selects too much reduce the tolerence)

* As you do that delete those portions.

* Once done you have an entire layer of just the car

But if that doesn't work and/or it's too hard, then no.

This also is a bad idea if you have a green car in a grassy field (you get the idea)

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Umm, I am not sure what you are talking about, but...

You may want to select the background with the rectangle tool, then, use CLICK the "Move Selected Pixels" button. If done correctly you should see like 8 little squares where ur selection border is. Choose a square (probably the bottom right square) and hold the SHIFT key [that will keep it proportioned]. Countinue resizing until desired size is achieved.


You could simply go to Layer>Rotate/Zoom. Then use the ZOOM selector and you may need to use the PAN tool also.

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You could...

Open the car image (larger image) then go to Layer > Import from file. That would give you a layer of the background (smaller image). Then you could then either

A) make the background layer bigger to match the car layer


B) make the car layer smaller to match the background layer. Then select the correct area and then Image > Crop to Selection

Did that answer your question?

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