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File Picker issues...

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Not a show stopper, but it never seems to get fixed, so here it is: applies to Open or Save As>...

In Paint.Net your file is named foo.bla, on disk your original file is named bar.bla, you make your edits to foo and you want to replace bar, but not overwrite bar, so...


File>Save As> browse to bar's Directory>R-Clk on bar or twice-click bar's filename>Rename bar.bla to bar.bla.orig let's say.>Press Save to save foo (which was automatically renamed to 'bar.bla' by the mouse-clicking bar during its renaming) it fails(!). Re-type or add white space to 'bar.bla'(which was foo.bla) and it now Save works.

Bug level: Annoying, must always work-around. Severity: Possible data-loss, expect file pickers to be perfectly stable and solid.

I think i have seen this in many freeware file pickers, where is this code being copied from??


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I can't follow what you wrote at all.

We're just using the standard Windows common dialog for Open / Save. The OS itself is supplying the dialog -- there is no "copy and paste" of code.

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I know what he means. He means that when he renames the file he is working on in the save as dialog, it is also renamed in the bar where you type the name of your file.

That's something that I wouldn't want to call a bug, just a Windows Explorer/.NET thing (correct me if I'm wrong). All you need to do is rename, click cancel, then go back to the save as dialog.

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Sorry you cannot follow it Brewster...

If the File Picker is being hooked from Paint.Net, then it is a M$ bug, not Paint.Net's issue, that can explain why i see it so often.

I think what may be missed is, while in the File Picker, you rename a file, it's old name becomes your file's new name, but that is what we want, we are replacing the renamed file, try it and see, the steps are right there, sequentially stated in the 1st post, the bug is that it thinks the file still exists even after you just renamed it(!) so you cannot save, there are work-arounds, but that slows work down, right?


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