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What did you score highest in? Please only vote if you have taken the test!  

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  1. 1. What did you score highest in? Please only vote if you have taken the test!

    • Linguistic
    • Logical-Mathematical
    • Musical
    • Spatial
    • Bodily-Kinesthetic
    • Interpersonal
    • Intrapersona
    • Naturalist

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The Seven Intelligence Areas

Linguistic: 3

Logical-Mathematical: 5

Spatial: 2

Bodily-Kinesthetic: 7

Musical: 6

Interpersonal: 5

Intrapersonal: 2

A Short Definition of your Highest Score

Bodily-Kinesthetic - the ability to use the body and tools to take effective action or to construct or repair, to build rapport to console and persuade, and to support others, to plan strategically or to critique the actions of the body, to appreciate the aesthetics of the body and to use those values to create new forms of expression. Possible vocations that use the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence include mechanic, trainer, contractor, craftsperson, tool and dye maker, coach, counselor, salesperson, sports analyst, professional athlete, dance critic, sculptor, choreographer, actor, dancer or puppeteer

i find it odd that i scored highest in bodily-kinesthetic b/c im basically a beast at math... but i guess i enjoy my sports a lot...

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