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Should I change my avatar? Ideas?

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You won't use theirs? You already stole your current avatar and sig from some other place! What difference does it make? :P

Touche. ;)

Well, I stole it from google images, so I don't feel as bad...

Phooey. I'm writing myself into a corner. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's not quite what I want (looks cool but has no purpose or meaning to me) and I would probably want my next av to represent how I've gotten along in PDN.

Whew. :D

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@Dr.D: at least guide us to help you.

-What is the style you like?

-Letter's assembling (DrD)





Sorry I've been gone for a couple of days, but now I'm back! Well I'll probably keep the one I have for a while longer since it seems more popular than the changing idea. But just for future reference ideas I'll tell you a little about what I like.

For the styles I normaly like a grunge backround... or space.

Letter assembling would be DrD

I like funny things like cartoons, but ones that look a little more serious. (Not straight foreward funny, like you have to think about it to get it. That's hard to achieve in an avatar though...)

I don't really like relating to games or movies, I like to be original... although I really didn't make the stickfigure avatar I have, but I got it from somebody else who had it on a different forum that is now gone.

And I also absolutly love space!

So there's a little sketch of some things I like. Anybody have any ideas for an avatar with one or more of those types of things in it?

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