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Should I change my avatar? Ideas?

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I'm just wondering in general if my avatar is getting annoying. I am very willing to change it if it's getting annoying... so tell me what you think.

So if I do end up changing it, does anybody have any ideas of what would suit my name. I know this is kind of a far out question, but I need some ideas for maybe a new avatar or practice.

Oh and I just might redo my signature too... I found out how to install new fonts...

Thanks so much!

Dr. D

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Slang for dull emotional feeling, nothing entertaining to do, dull, lack of entertainment.

Not typo.

Technically, not a typo (typo = typographical error = you hit the wrong key(s)), but it's still wrong.

Board = long flat piece of something, usually wood, or something on which a game is played, etc.

You are thinking of "bored"

so no it's not a typo, it's just a confusion of homophones.

EDIT: Oh and it's not slang either.


ambigram signature by Kemaru

[i write plugins and stuff]

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As well as FrEaKs' av, Stickmen avs are the best by far. Come on, you know this to be true.

I'd say keep it Dr. D.

why ty 8)

anyways, I like simple stick ones, not EZTooned intense asian creationisms :D (no offence azn dudes)

or you could try what others have suggested with matching

pffh matching


Site: RIP =(

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@Dr.D: at least guide us to help you.

-What is the style you like?

-Letter's assembling (DrD)





Search for images on the web 'avatar forum' to have tons of models to pickup ideas:


@The_Lionhearted: Your new AV ?


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