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Visual Studio 2005 - Effect Plugin Template - WPF (.NET 3.0)

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This Visual Studio 2005 template is a modification of the previous published project template (published by Michael Sepcot). The difference is that in this template you can use Windows Presentation Foundation to create your Effect-dialogs.


It is a C# Project template and you can use C# and XAML to create your GUI. As default the template will implement a very simple effect (multiply the input image with a factor).

You can download the Visual Studio 2005 Template here.

Installation: Place the downloaded .zip-file in your template folder (e.g. …\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#\), do NOT unzip the file. Then start Visual Studio and in the Visual C# category you will find EffectsPluginTemplate(WPF).

NOTE: You must have .NET 3.0 installed on your computer! You find it here.

When a WPF-effect is loaded by Paint.NET, it will take some seconds to load the plug-in because .NET 3.0 libraries must also be loaded.

Credits to Michael Sepcots that created the first project template: You can find his template here: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2618. Also visit this link to get more installation and usage details.

Updated: The template now works on Windows XP.



Anders Bursjöö - http://www.bursjoo.se

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