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The official PdN Localization Topic.


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Would I get lynched if I criticized the finnish translation? The translations are correctly spelled and they are basicly correct but not very fluent.

Critizism is mandatory and no lynching :)

For example, "Motion Blur" was translated "Liike-epäterävyys", which roughly translates back to "Motion un-sharpness". I recommend "Liikesumeus" instead. There are a lot more of similar cases, as well as some combound words (yhdyssanat) are written separately.

I used GIMP translation as a reference quite a bit and in the gimp fi.po they refer to a Photoshop dictionary, got that translation from there.

I really do not wish to offend anyone with my opinions on this case. I usually prefer keeping my software english as there are so many failed translations. PDN_FI is not failure as I see it, but I think it needs a bit more thought, not strict word-to-word translation.

My point is that there is already a set vocabulary for graphics jargon, and this particular translation is a bit annoying, if not misleading.

There is always room for improvement :)

I could offer my help (if I may suggest improvements..) - I'll be back later to check replies and YOUR opinions.

Help is appreciated.

Saa pistää tulemaan postia.

(I said is ok to email)

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It's just a help file, not a dynamic website for a major company that we're maintaining and updating and getting paid for.

Hey, even the websites for most major companies aren't standards-compliant. Many I've seen don't even have a Doctype declaration to define the standards they won't follow...

I guess it annoys me more than the average bear because I'm a Web Developer myself who's obsessed with standards, but if it works, I'm not going to pick.

Anyway, how'd this localization topic get on a Web Design kick? Back to the music!


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My HTML is sloppy and carefree (I use Frontpage, I admit), but my C/C++/C# is disgustingly disciplined. Just ask Tom. He said it was weird to hear me say that I wasn't concerned about the quality of the HTML in the help file ... anyway, back on topic!

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I have updated the translation pack instructions:

http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net/files ... onPack.txt

I have simply added the following guidelines to part 2, Translation of File-based Resources:

For the credits, feel free to add yourself at the top, before the other names
that are listed. For example:

   Pig Latin translation provided by Jon Smith

   Version 2.5
   Rick Brewster 
       Project Lead, Programming

   Tom Jackson 

   Dennis Dietrich
       Localization and German Translation


I just noticed that in the French, Italian, and Spanish language packs, the authors were being placed below Dennis' name, which is not what we want.

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Paint.NET fi

All right... attempt #2. After getting the last page I meant to translate done... I just rushed it.. Sorry about that Rick... apparently Dreamweaver had the urge to replace the stylesheet and logo ../stuff style urls to point at G: where I keep the files. So... open in Notepad++ and quick replace all :) This should actually work. And since stylesheet can be found again, formatting, fonts should be okay now.

Updated UI to change some stuff & first "beta" grade release of finnish help.

Still missing few images and 2 pages, but I need to some kind of release out to get comments, so here it is. It's bound to have lots of typos and whatnot, but I'll try to get all that sorted out in the next few weeks.

Also, as a small quirk... it's all valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Smile

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