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ambigram signature by Kemaru

[i write plugins and stuff]

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I'm wondering if I should post mine ^^ Some of the people here look pretty good. Pyrochild, knew you would have something to do with fire in yours, although you're not that much of a child anymore. Rawr.


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My sister's not allowed in my room, but she constantly tries to get in, so I made it look like she dug a hole trying to get in, but I'm about to step on her. :D 100% PDN. I'll post a better one that shoes my face.


Face is a little red from snowboarding. =P

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hahahah i like how the squire is hanging and you put the case underneath so it looks like its balanced on it.

can you play them alll? at the same time?

i can only play guitar and drums and piano but not bass

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Bass is same as guitar, but you use diferent techniques and all. I'm a bassist myself, having done a couple of years of guitar too. The bass is basicly a guitar but with only the four above strings, but lower.


"Ah, i love it when huge pineapples try to take over the world, it makes me sentimental :')"


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