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I tag my images using Vista's built-in tagging features. (Through the gallery and through Windows Explorer.) However, when I save a picture in Paint.NET, it erases the tags. This happens in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Is there a setting I am missing or can this be fixed in a future version? Thanks

Calipso-Info on Aircraft, Original Wallpaper


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I've filed a bug on this. I'm not sure how they are storing the tags -- it might be embedded in the image, or it might be based on the binary identity of the image file. If it's the former, then it's probably possible to preserve the tags. If the latter, I can't promise anything.

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Put me down as really, really hoping this gets fixed, if it isn't overly difficult to do so; I make extensive use of tags to organize my images, and right now MS Paint and Windows Photo Gallery are the only image programs I know of that preserve the tags after an edit. It would be extremely nice to have a more full-featured editor that didn't obliterate my filing system.

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