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Dr. D

Picture Add On Game!

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She comes in colors ev'rywhere

She's like a rainbow

Coming, colors in the air

Oh, everywhere

She comes in colors.....

Oh well rules are changed no more 1 effect 1 blending mode, so:


Color mixer ( adjustments on saturation and brightness)

Radial blur: angle 3,87, center 0,0, quality 5

Tiles reflection xy: angle 44,45, tile size x and y 80,00

Curvature -3,92, quality 5

Shape 3d: half sphere map (repeat) sc. 1000, h.r. 0,760, d.r. 0,760, v.r. 0,650

Axis x 272,7, y 180,0 z 357,3

Light. On

Direction: x -0,05, y 0,20, z 1,00

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Frosted Glass and Gaussian Blur.


Sorry for the really long wait! My sister came in with the baby and I got utterly distracted.

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I was beginning to think this one was going to die.

Dub x3. each four layers = different extract channel. bottom/1 cyan. 2 magenta. 3 yellow. 4 key. each layer = blend mode = multiply. magenta layer turned off.


Thanks LJXD.

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