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Picture Add On Game!

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:? Hey did you engage brain before you typed that question to me. If I was able to modify the previous image shack picture from you the answere would be of course I can view radio shack images.

and just so you know this is what that last post looks like on my screen no image no link. ......


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we've mostly stuck to one color change and one effect. only one layer change allowed with a blend mode change. all images kept at 500 x 500 and no adding in outside images.

that's pretty well the rules in a nut shell. we are a bit flexible but try not to deviate too far from that.

oh yess should ask cache clear is what shortcut again?


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:lol: you certainly like to push the limits Simon. one additonal blend layer :wink:

but I went with what you gave me. I tend to like some color a picture can die very quickly with so much black.

so here goes with two changes both on same layer transform your's to mine.

seamless texture maker these settings

mirror on axis reduced diagonal from top right flip both thransparent pixels replaced by white.

then color balance these settings Red 100 yellow -100


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