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Need help designing texture of a winding brick driveway

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I'm designing a winding driveway in Sketchup and need a texture for it. I was thinking of using bricks that follow the driveway.

If I used a simple brick texture (e.g. a photo showing a few bricks laid next to one another), the texture would simply be tiled across the surface of the winding driveway and cropped according to the surface's boundaries, in other words, the bricks in the texture wouldn't contour to/or change direction according to the curvature of the winding path.

Thus, I'm thinking I need to create a texture that maps to the entirety of the driveway and shows the bricks the way I want them to be laid.

The only way I know how to do this in Paint .net would be to copy the bricks next to one another at the desired rotation angle such that they follow the winding of the path. Needless to say, this is a rather tedious task.

As such I'm wondering if anybody out there knows how to tackle this task more efficiently.

Thank you!

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Actually, here's a pretty good example using Paint .net of what I meant when I said that the direction of the brick texture (in Sketchup or any modelling program for that matter) doesn't conform to the curvature of the driveway:

(In Paint .net)

Select the line drawing tool

Select "Horizontal brick" from the "Fill" drop-down field

Set the brush width to 50 or so

Draw a line

Drag any of the four line control points to create a curve

=> Notice how the effect of the brick brush remains horizontal regardless of the curvature of the line you just drew


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