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Need suggestion for a Logo

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Hi all,

I want to create a logo for a (french private) school for children from 2 to 12 years old.

The name of the School is : Ecole Saint Vincent

Initials: ESV

The logo should be :

...simple (readable if it's sent by Fax),

...with few colors preferably primary colors,

...reflecting the idea of a school

...use the initials (or show the name) of the school

...still readable after a reduction to a square/rectangle of 3-4cm

Suggestions are welcome!

Could we go for some kind of contest for that?


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Thank you all for your entries...

BB00: this one is simple enough...

Nesk: the sky and the white glare need to be tested with a fax...

Myrddin:don't like the shield nor the flag :( : make me thing to Harry Potter's School. The book is a good idea!

I haven't ask this without trying myself, but I didn't want to influence your minds with my works.

Now, see some of them:

1. Childrens


2. Basical shapes


3. (3D made with anim8tor, finishing with PDN)


4. ESV in one curve


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