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Seeking advice on reducing photographs

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I need to reduce a bunch of photos substantially. I know how to do it through the "resize" feature & I also know how to manually enter a desired resolution. But, does anyone have any advice or tricks on doing reductions without sacrafice to clarity/resolution? For example, am I really better off reducing 20% at a time? What other things should I be doing?

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Yeah, it's best to do you're resizing in one fell swoop.

Each time you resize, you're going to lose some quality from the resampling process. If you size it down partway, the program will sample the original image and output an approximation of that image at the smaller size. If you then resize the approximation, the resultant image will be an approximation of an approximation, and so on.

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Yes...always resize all at once. I find it best, though not always easy to...make the picture the size I want it to be for its use. The picture format will play a role in this to. I like lossless formats depending on the program used to create the pic. such as .ai, .psd, .tif, bla bla bla just stay away from editing the same .jpeg or .jpg over and over again you will end up with bad quality and bad color as well. and if for some reason you do have to edit you reaized pic again.....I would say don't, start from the original pic....

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