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I lurve tomato soup and grilled cheez! Grr, now I'm hungry... *rushes off to make a grilled cheese*

It's odd that my post sparked this TS&GC theme but, I actually had an accompanying grilled cheese sandwich with my psychedelic tomato soup!


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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ash, you need to either put where you are from or make something up for that category.

The first 22 top posters have something except for you and because of my minor OCD, this bothers me a lot


"No. Dreaming is illegal."~Pyrochild

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What is with all the "sun" tutorials floating around now? Most of them are just circles + clouds + curves = sun?!?

Something needs to be done to stop these tutorials of how to do something easier or quicker as well because most of the time they don't look as good either.

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Well said! :wink: Noobs are arguing over who's tut is better, when they're all the same... Maybe Rick or the mods should post a rule that says

Before making a new topic, use the search engine and ensure there isn't a topic like yours. If you don't do that, you're just clogging up the forum...

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