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If the only time that has to be calculated is right after the user changes the color, what's the problem? Are you switching to a color wheel, and CBM is trying to recalculate the the new brush while the user is still dragging the nub around?


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i can go one step further - Sublimegfx >_>

mmm, potato pie? :P
When a PC gets that expensive I start to say no to it, cheap and chearful for me. :D Well, not too cheap...

500$ is really really cheap, cuz this is AUD :)

I need a job, and a new computer. Think i should wait to buy until windows 7 is out?

Some random thought, once Windows seven comes out, I think the user Vista? should make a new account Seven?

^^ that was a horrible joke, I know...

Windows 7 is much more improved, in speed, according to beta (:

also, that should've been a joke vista made XD

and as for the computer, adding in a 3ghZ e8400 D:

i think i should be able to get really decent comp for 1k, AUS

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I need a new portable, high-capacity HD for my laptop media, which will end up totaling about 1 TB.

Discuss and recommend? Please? :(

I at leat need something that can handle being moved a tiny bit in use without something screwing up...


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