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The <off topic> thread

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lol :lol: Did you see the image where it shows this:


The Pirate Bay's first server is now

a museum exhibit in Stockholm

at a museum... :shock:

and @ Survulus: Andrew D is right, it could have been soo much more, like life in prison and a larger sum of money that they could owe...

deviantART | Paint.NET Gallery | bennettfrazier.com <-- (My new Website!)


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I've recently been asked to make a short animation illustrating the story of Jonah, for a church presentation next next Sunday. 3-4 minutes, cartoon style drawings about a guy getting swallowed by a whale. Happiness: I'm gaining fame within our youth group as the go-to guy for all things "artsy-fartsy", as my friend so much likes to call it. Rant: I have less than a week to learn how to properly use Flash and draw several convincing montages of a bible story. Luckily, we have standardized tests, which means no homework. Time to get started.

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In other news....

Simon has once again dis regarded the edit button. A shocker? Not so much because it has occurred 4 times already today.

You can, if this issue grinds you so, lodge a formal complaint with Ash, BoltBait, CMD, David, Rick* or myself, where suitable action will be taken.

However, before you do this, you should also see it from Simon's point of view. Double-posting has practicalities aside from ruffling your feathers: a new statement is to be made that requires as much attention as the last, yet was made a time after the first posting - edits don't flag as new posts, therefore there's a chance it could be missed, and earnest discussion passed. Whilst he could delete his second posting after realising nobody had posted since, then re-post with the new information affixed, this is too much unnecessary effort to avoid a double post. All the while someone could jut in with a new post therefore incurring the first point made in the paragraph: his new statement may be lost to a new conversation.

Furthermore, let's face it, Simon is breaking no Rule by doing so. As only Simon and the few occasions some of us do it, it's not exactly a common occurrence that's plaguing the Forums - that's what spam does, and look where that ends up. :)

Do any of you know a better PDF conversion tool than PDF Printer?
PDFCreator, I swear by it. Mostly. It has a habit of bloating file sizes, so that when Simon's advice of OOo comes in. It's swings and roundabouts between the two for me.

*alphabetical order. I don't do 'favourites' too well.

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