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Fun for a few hours, until you complete it and have no reason to pick it up ever again.

It has zero replay value: (Not using a gun in the entire game, Hard mode, Time Trials, speedruns...)

no hidden treasure, (The hidden bags)

no alternate modes, nothing. (Time trials/speedruns)

It's a cool concept though, and a good one to rent.

Sorry I'm a page late, but I'll blame timezones for that.

It isn't work £40/$60 though, but if you can get it for cheaper, it's a good buy.

I payed $25.

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Spam attack. I had a huge list of the methods they're using, but I was wrong. Well, not entirely wrong, they are following a method; five in GD&Q, 2 in pictorium, 1 in plugins, 1 in troubleshooting, 1 in localisation, 2 in plugin developer's central, 2 in alfredo, then, either stop and re-register or continue with a new pattern. SO far we've had (in order):



Also, they choose usernames which have no google results,

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I guess on some forums it must actually work. :|

I know - see my post in rants.

EDIT: Quote from rants.

I reported every one of them 10 minutes after they appeared. On a different forum, their technique might have been reasonably clever; post spam with reasonable thread names in an advertising forum, then people look, see the links to the music sites, and click them.
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someone trying to ddos thee forums?

Nah, just annoying spam that won't go away.

Lol what do you mean wont go away?

Why can't Rick or Bolt delete it? I always wondered why you guys closed never deleted stuff.

As far as I know, only the Admin deletes stuff. Mods can only lock. And by "won't go away," I mean they just won't quit.

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