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Activity goes up on the weekends, but during the week there isn't too much action.

School, work, etc.

Summer is much better.

Yeah, the Summer is how I gained 300 posts in a matter of 2 months.

I may be back for good this time!!!

Anyway, has anyone seen this cop-off of PDN?


wow! :shock: that looks nothing like pdn. or the website. i dont really think i trust that website

Ha, I don't either, but for some strange reason, I downloaded it.

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Don't forget the following:

PAINT.SCH.UK (A school project which someone decides to sue for infringing copyright)

PAINT.GOV.UK (The government's own graphics editor which phones home and checks what graphic designers do on their computer and sends the data back to the home office)

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well i just tryed to download paint.net on my phone. ya i know kinda stupid to think. but my phone runs on microsoft mobile so i thought maybe it might work. i downloaded it then it asked me to unzip the file to a documen. i picked a document and it started but then it said "not enough memory". do you think if i got a microSD card would it download completly?

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