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C# and Visual Basic coding: I can find no guides for teens, except for game programming, which is something I don't want to do.


Just because a resource is not called " * Programming for Teens" does not mean a teenager cannot learn from it...


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Well hey,I'm sure the IQ of a basic programmer is expected to be high.
Not necessarily. One can excel in one subject and achieve poorly in another. Therefore, a person might not grasp literature yet do so for mathematics as if second nature. IQ shouldn't really equate in this discussion as an IQ result might plummet because of failing in a certain area, such as general knowledge.
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For anyone wanting to see a slightly higher quality version, check this one out, remembering to click 'watch in high quality' underneath the fullscreen icon: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=gMEhescEBaE

...the entire video is pretty 2003
No, the video isn't 'pretty 2003', the style of video is 'pretty 2003'. Although, I'm not quite sure what the style of 2003 was compared to 2008, or even '07.

It's supposed to have the look and tone of an animation, as purposeful design not as a flaw or by-product of poor workmanship. I don't think that it's the result of 'bad design' at all, but a way to harken to that roughen, off-the-wall, rebellious accent that reflects the kind of people who oppose that level of corporatism and support messages that this song preaches.

Too much rap for my liking, but a good song, and possibly the only song containing rap that I've listened to more than once.

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