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I havnt seen those other ones. Does anybody watch (or used to watch) The young ones. Absolutely hilarious british comedy.

On the subject of comedy, has America ever played Kath and Kim on tele over there. Because apparently you guys hated it, and there gonna make an American version. :roll::roll: .

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Seinfeld and House M.D. FTW. And New Amsterdam was fantastic...until they canceled it. :roll:

Speaking of dramas, I watched an episode of the new series Fringe, and it's pretty interesting. The beginning wasn't that great, though- I had no idea what was happening until it was 30 minutes in. And despite the oddly executed attempt at combining CSI, the Closer, NUMB3RS, House, and a touch of Ghost Whisper together, the high budget-ness and decent acting almost made up for it and made it entertaining.


By the way, today, I happened to check out my deviantART messages at the library, and noticed how horrible a lot of my stuff looks when set in a low-res LCD screen. Blegh, so pixelated! So yeah, I'm pretty sure everything I've ever made is uglier than I'd expect, because everything I've made was through my higher-res CRT monitor.

Gah, and I thought my new ID was picture perfect.... now when I look at it, I wish I were in a screamo music video, vomiting and cutting until I lay on the floor unconscious while the lead singer says something like "schizaphobicamphetamene!".

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Wow, the next page is going to be page 1234... shweet.

By the way, I'm thinking about redesigning my website. I abandoned mine about a year ago, and for reasons unknown, haven't looked back.

I intend on using my new found knowledge of humane user interfaces to make something simple, sleek, and most of all, efficient. All I'm going for is valid source code at the moment, so don't expect it to look like anything when I post my first version.

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If I'd let all the power out the school would be evacuated because of the collision threat which will be caused by the radioactive chemicals. >.>

All and out it's like every other day, but the people .. I almost have nothing in common with them .. they're just like plain, ordinary people. My class has a habit to frustrate the teachers with all their talking and when I try to ask a teacher something I get all the frustration 'poured' onto me, like I was the cause of the teacher's frustration. And that makes me feel bad again. :|

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