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I find Last.FM very useful, not for playing music, but for finding similar artists to my favourite bands. For instance, in searching Deathstars I came across Turmion Kätilöt. Sometimes it can be quite accurate in their relevance to the 'host' band, other times it can lead to... interesting results.

Anyone who's used Last.FM might be familiar with this feature, if you're not, I highly recommend it.

oh it feels so good knowing I am not the only Deathstars fan on the forums here.

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At $80 I couldnt say no :D

EDIT: So does pdn have pressure sensitivity?

wow thats a lot. You got the same one I got and I got him from NCIX for $50 last year. Make sure you update to the new drivers.

In XP there no pressure sensitivity for Paint.NET. I wish there was as I would use mine more then.

Just listened to Deathstars, might be something I'd listen to if it wasn't for the synths and singing...

What album you listening to. I like there 2nd one more. Try songs like Blitzkrieg Boom, The Last Ammunition, or there 1st album Synthetic Generation, Modern Death.

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