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100% PdN except for a couple brushes and stock [Emphasis added]
Not exactly 100% then, is it?


For the next five weeks, I will be undertaking a voluntary service on the archaeological project at Brodsworth...

[blah, blah, blah]

I'll be camping out so I won't be able to visit here for the next week. At all.

I've been having great fun thus far, a true experience. Okay, we've only been (achingly) digging out the trenches so far - one of which reaching in excess of two-metres deep - but next week has the popularly-imagined fine excavation with trowels and brushes in store. Actually, I lie, I think we'll be undertaking in geophysical surveys of potential sites (looking deep in the ground without penetrating the surface (much)). Let's cross fingers in hope for a repeat enjoyment for the remaining month.

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Okay so here's a fun analysis on SPHWLA:

1) xPired's sig refers to it as being proud "member" of "the" SPHWLA so it is a group (or some weird hypothetical concept of one) and must contain a main definitive collective noun as well as descriptive adjectives.

2) "Art" Is revealed to be the last word.

So if I try to put some big grandeur name together to be referred to as a "the", then a majority of words (besides "art") should probably be adjectives

3) Adjectives can be removed from a sentence leaving just the main noun and still make sense

But that's plain weird because if you strip away the other words/adjectives, you'd be left saying "the art". Not a plausible name for a group.

4) Therefore "Art" isn't the main focus of the entire name, and is probably part of a prepositional phrase (or another descriptive phrase of another sort) and therefore excess along with the adjectives

I would pinpoint the phrase to begin with the "W", therefore leaving the main focus on the "SPH" portion (namely, the "PH" portion, since the "S" is most likely an adjective. Adjectives must always come before a noun and therefore can't be first. And xPired said "Superb", an adjective, came close :wink: )

I'm not sure if what I just said makes sense to others reading this, but that's the best way I can explain it. Perhaps if I think of a better way to explain it I'll re-edit my post. Then again, I'm probably thinking to hard. :lol: I wonder if I'm right thinking that SPH is the main focus of the phrase/close..... :?:

BTW, I wouldn't have thought that SPHWLA was a group if xPired hadn't mentioned it in his sig :P I would've thought that it was some random singular noun.:lol:

Why aren't I adding in a guess, you ask?

1) I get more kicks figuring out the structure of something than solving something entirely

2) Whenever I think "SPHWLA", I habitually sound it out and think syphilis :lol: Random, but it disorients me sometimes....

Looking back at this post..... It looks kinda Myrddin-ish, no? :P

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:shock: Thats made me even more confused.. i think i'll wait for Expired to reach 1000 posts :D

Looking back at this post..... It looks kinda Myrddin-ish, no? :P

I think its a mix of Myrddin and CMD. :P

In other news..

How to Cheat at Alpha Masking - The Easy Way!

Its how some people make amazing cut-outs; great for hair/fur etc..! I think.. :?

Wow this hist is nice! Especially the smoke of the flame...woah!

Emphasis on the Cheat part. Remember that :P

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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