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Yay! David's back! What was the party like, since I missed it? ANyway, I was just wondering, what do you all think of this contest idea I've had. To save me from re-typing everything again, I'll show you my PM to Myrddin.

Hi! First of all, I'm incredibly sorry to pester you in that pietrisycamollaviadelrechiotemexetisingly annoying way that I do, but I would like to ask for your opinion on an idea for a contest idea I have got. I know it's likely to fail as there are many competitions already, but I'll try anyway: basically, this competition is the Humanity Contest, for lack of a better name. Basically, every contest, we choose a theme related to what makes us ourselves, such as personality, fears, thoughts. And every time, the participant's aim is to create an image that conveys that theme. For instance, if I chose the theme "Run!", participants would have to create an image that conveys fear or having to do something swiftly.

"What's the point of this contest?" you may ask. Well, in my opinion, it's purpose is to clarify. Clarify who and what we are, and to clarify aspects of life. If you ask me, quite a few things in my life need clarification, and it may be case with others. I know it sounds a bit cheesy or whatever the word is, and you're unlikely to let me go ahead with this since it's such a terrible idea, but I believe it has a slim chance of working.

So, what do you think?

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Hey David, welcome back!

Many people have been pining after you, so all should be right in the World now you have graced us with your return.

I'll jump on the bandwagon, and quote you for truth!

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


"I wish I had never been born," she said. "What are we born for?"

"For infinite happiness," said the Spirit. "You can step out into it at any moment..."

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