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The <off topic> thread

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I have to out myself... I drive a 40k € car, but I don't own a GPS >_>

I never felt the way that I need such a thing... I live in the 3rd smallest district of Germany and it's quite impossible to get lost on an area of 2,5k km²...

When I got the car the surcharge for a GPS would have been 700€ and my father didn't want to pay that :/

And Google maps + Paint.NET is a very good combination if you want to print black and white maps quickly :D

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Just because the original meaning has been published in one article, doesn't now mean that everywhere will re-conform to that root definition. When a word has morphed into either a positive or negative connotation - even taken on a completely new meaning - and has shone in the public eye to mean something, there is very little need in finding an alternative or using it in its original context: it would result in confused readers.

People understand what 'hack(er)' means today, so with writing that term comes immediate understanding, thus an easier read for the audience.

EDIT: oh, I like my write-up. Oh well, no biggie.

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Hey CMD:

I saw this while watching the latest "Nostalgia Critic" Ep.

Is that you? The avatars bear quite a resemblance:...

In fact, the TGWTG avatar looks like your alter ego :o

That is indeed me. The TGWTG avatar is the Film Noir version of my Mr. Stickbert. ;)

I am not a mechanism, I am part of the resistance;

I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

~ Becoming the Archetype

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@CMD---Ah, ok. I thought it was you :) I like that Film Noir av.

......Heh heh. I thought I was the only person weird enought to watch TGWTG (and I thought I wouldn't go any farther than the AVGN)..


In other news, looks like xPired won Second place in the AudioJungle Wallpaper Contest at PSDtuts.com.

I find it funny, since it was made in PdN (right?).

If you're reading this xPired, congrats :D

EDIT: Late news. :oops: Grrr. I seem to be doing that a lot lately....

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I have not posted in here for some time now. Geez seeing I am waiting for this 745 dell to update so I can ghost it, I may as well post.

:? hmm now only if I had something to post.

ah I know I will post about the crow that would not shut up and let me sleep at 5:00 AM.... nope thats a rant post.

what about the chicks I been meeting like crazy at night when walking for this whole week just because I don't got a computer locking me away anymore :mrgreen:. Or maybe I should leave that one at that :twisted:.

Wait what the ?, lol the lights to my office turn off again. I hate that. If the lights don't see major movement for 60 sec then they turn there selfs of.

Well maybe I got notting to post about after all. Well really I got to go restart this computer because Apple updater is hanging.

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