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The <off topic> thread

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Lol. I figured you would like it better if I called you by your real name, not by some ASCII-ized version of it. :P

Congrats on your new(ish) computer, I wish I could have a new one, my laptop is screwed up.

I'm on my dad's laptop as we were not allowed to bring mine, so ...


No Firefox (Sorry CMD and all you Firefox advocates, it aggravates me too). I'm using IE7 right now. :o

It's 12 AM here, and I'll be probably going to sleep soon.

Tomorrow we're going to The Mall, dunno what it is, but my parents said we're going so ... yeah.

I was without PDN for a week or so.


Buuut I had Firefox.

Just a note:

Firefox 3 on 256mb of ram = sloooooooww.

It got faster.. it had to "warm up"


MyBB Tutorials, check out my site. :)
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So I am mad.. But I don't want to post in Rant's because I'm also happy:


Well I got back to my house at 2 am this morning. Decided to play some xbox until 4. Then I decided to go to bed. Well, our new puppy was crying all night.. and I have about 1 hour of sleep max.

I got on my computer, decided to make something. I was saying I was going to record a session of me making a sig.. Well.. I recorded half of it, when suddenly PdN crashed on me. I was pretty mad, and almost extremely mad. But I relized I had the video to go back to redo everything step-by-step (what a good time to record, huh?). I spent another 20 minutes, and it crashed again.


I started over, AGAIN. And now I am finished at 7:01 AM. :) No sleep, a PdN all nighter. I actually produced an even BETTER version of the sig, but I forgot to record it. =/ I will upload part one, then I will redo it for part two later. But I did manage to make a good sig and get some good footage for a video. :P

On a lighter note, I was thinking of having my named changed to:





What do you all think?

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Long.. well not really.

Short story.

I had my Dalton account, except after forumer switched PDN Forums over to phpBB3, I couldn't log back in.

(Of course I hadn't thought about requesting a new password..)

But until like.. 2 [guess it was sometime around january..] months ago, I forgot about it. I wasn't really here.. so when I did come back, i made this account.. (and BB: I think i made that account. Delete it please! :))

I wish I could get this account & my Dalton account usernames switched. :P



MyBB Tutorials, check out my site. :)
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I can't figure out how to merge all posts at the same time, so, you'll just have to live with having the name switched.

(I could do it one post at a time, but I'm too lazy.)

Ahh thanks anyways! :D

Doesn't phpBB3 have a post count under edit profile in the admin/mod panel?

I might be thinking of IPB.

Idk. i know that IPB does.. I thought I saw something like that when I had my phpBB3 forums..


MyBB Tutorials, check out my site. :)
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UH were you been for so long :?:.

Geez went off like that and left me here for the PDN wolves :P.

Oh, I've been hangin' here and there. Not posting nearly as much as I used to, but I still intend on staying with the forums for a long time :)

Honda is teh kewl guyZ. :) He really is cool though.


[ By the way, sweet sig 8) ]

"The greatest thing about the Internet is that you can write anything you want and give it a false source." ~Ezra Pound

twtr | dA | tmblr | yt | fb

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Haha. QFT is right.

Thanks on the sig complement.

Man.. I can't wait for TagFlow.net to get goin'. We will be needing sectional mods and such, and so many people here are gifted in their own ways. Like Jake and Tendercrisp are amazing cutters for renders. Crimson is a great logo designer. Blooper is good for competitions.

(I'm just talking about the people that I have talked to already via PM)

Sorry to get off topic guys. :wink:

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