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I'm in the process of vectorising both my current signature and previous one. The only feature Inkscape can't do me the way I need are the light rays and the dust storm, for which I used noise. Inkscape does have a noise tool, but I can't seem to work it - a trip to the Help file might be in order.

I had already vectorised parts of my old one in the revised version, like the locomotive and person, it's just that I wish now to have it all a vector so I can easily edit them for other uses, such as larger works.

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I'm surrounded by 5 bots now :(
Gigabot [bot], Google [bot], Google Adsense [bot], LFC4EVER, MSN [bot], MSNbot Media, Olli, Rubrica, Yahoo [bot]

P.S. I like the new sig Zizoiz (I'd call you Ziz, but there's another user called Ziz :(:P). excellent drawing of the fox!

I thought it was a kangaroo first, dont ask why!


strangely enough, on runescape, and on other forums, people do call me Ziz :P

I can see where you would get the impression of a kangaroo, though it looks more doggy to me. :P

Good News!

1st- Sparring (Fighting) and Patterns (Forms) :D

2nd- Breaking Boards :)

4th- Weapons (Double Nunchucks) :(

congrats! :D


Click on my signature image for my gallery | hmmmm...

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Did anyone see Turkey v. Croatia a few days ago?

Watched it at my Hatian barbershop.

I have to say, maybe the most ironic game I've ever seen.

I might watch Turkey v. Germany.

From what I've heard, Germany's gonna win.

But..............GO TURKEY!!!!!!

PS: I am not Turkish.I am American.

Yes i watched that. I was going for Croatia, i cant believe they lost. They were dominatoing throughout the whole match (even though they didnt score :lol: ) and we lost. :cry:

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Hey, Darkshock's back! :)

Yeah. Xbox Live is so amazing I barely go on the computer anymore. That's a really good sig, btw.

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Yay! Darkshock's back!

BoltBait, Crimson, d4tr3, DarkShock91, Google [bot], Google Adsense [bot], GT52, MattBlackLamb, Max Power, Mike Ryan, MSN [bot], ncfan51, Rayu94, Rubrica, toe_head2001, worldnewser, Yahoo [bot], ZizOiz

wow! two lines of users!


The Yahoo bot is still stalking me.




Click on my signature image for my gallery | hmmmm...

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