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:oops: Didn't know that CMD thanks

---Although now after some background research on the help contents, I think that I might wanna reinstall FF3. Why you may ask?

1)Nothing ever comes up in the recently closed tabs area in the history sub-menu. Nothing. Even after closing some 15 tabs. And Ctrl+Shift+T isn't working.... :?

2) When setting up FF3 to show windows and tabs from last time on startup, it flatly refuses to do so. And the settings are reset each time I restart it too.

Oddly enough, I got FF3 to crash while doing nothing :shock: I dunno. My laptop is being funny with me today. I'm gonna restart, do an Ad-Aware scan, then reinstall if I have no choice..... ugh what a bad way to end the day.

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I hear from some that installing FF3 to the same directory as the old FF2 installation can cause problems.

I didn't experience any, but I was using an FF3 RC when I updated, so I can't confirm or refute.

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I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

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Updated to, posting with, loving a little more the latest Firefox 3.0 release. And how swanky is the Firefox home page? The background image cycles through different a design with each refresh, either because they couldn't decide on which to choose with or they visited these Forums and clocked onto uH's signature...

Now, after months of beta and RC use I'm off to return to the trustworthy Internet Explorer.

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Proudly supporting the web...resolution? Do you mean "revolution"? :P

And it would´ve worked if it weren´t for those meddling typos!

Scroooby droooby drooo! *General laughing by the gang*


Sorry, it just gave me an instant flashback.

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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Okay, trying again... First to spot a spelling mistake gets to keep the signature.

I can't fine one :)

Does it actually say anywhere in that statement that the spelling mistake must be in the signature? :P


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Okay, trying again... First to spot a spelling mistake gets to keep the signature.

Shouldn't there be a dash between "re" and "discovering"?

..... :lol: No, just kidding. I'm not that meticulous.

Oh, and I was finally able to fix all my problems by looking into about:config (which took me an hour to find out that it even existed. I was kinda scared to touch it because I thought I'd break something. Lotsa jargon I didn't understand, but at least I knew what "true" and "false" meant in the context of "Browser.sessionstore.enabled=false" :wink: )

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Man, people love aping my blurred 5px border glass style, eh? :P

Lookin' good, guys. :)

haha thats not actually what i did.

i made a new layer. ran borders n shapes (3 width. grey color)

duplicated the layer.

set the bottom border layer to overlay

and then played with the top layer opacity. added some glow. flatten and done.


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