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The <off topic> thread

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BTW, you need to get a sense of humor. :roll:

On a humorous side, you got a bunch of guys to frantically search the forums for your posts that might not have contained as much sarcasm :lol:

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

PDN Gallery | I Made a Deviant Art!

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Yeah, I'd love to see that one, what'll probably happen to it is that it'll be slated for demolition like the London Eye, but there will be so much demand for it, it'll stay until the tubes rust, the mirrors are smashed and the tensional plate boundary between the North American and Eurasian plates finally goes for the big push, and part of the fibre-optic cable gets turned into diamond or whatever down in the Earth's core...

On another note, I'm loving the new sig Rubrica, it gives me happy feelings just to look at it! :D


"I am the anarchist, I am the antichrist, I am the walrus, G'JOO G'GOO G'JOOB!"

I dig a pygmy, by Charles Hawtree and the Deaf Aids. Phase One, in which Doris gets her oats.

~John Lennon

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Thanks for the comment on the sig, Bob! Also, yes, that may happen, so let's enjoy it now. Anyway, new topic: my forums and blog are back up. Woo. Sadly, they're still a failure, as with everything I make. :D Oh well!

Well, if you are going to be hard on yourself I am going to give you the same treatment, CMD style...

First off is that you should never, ever categorize Graphic Design by a program. I have seen the Mona Lisa painted in Microsoft Paint, and a simple stick man created in Photoshop. Your best bet with that section of your forums is to shape it up like the Pictorium is here.

As well, the Music and Literature sections dont need to be embedded into their own section. Create a Film forum and Abstract Art forum and fuse all five into an Arts section. Heck, even possibly add your version of the Pictorium into the Arts section.

Another suggestion is about your 'Member' Forums: I am not sure sure what they are composed of as I dont have all of the time in the world to sign up right now and find out but you should create clans out of them and embed competitions into your art sections.

And my last and final suggestion is to host the software yourself! Get an account with Zymic, if you havent already and recreate Gacialis Rubrica with my recommendations and I can gurantee you that I, at least, will be visiting your forums frequently. And of course, if you need any help my PM box is always open and my Outbox is always filled with replies.


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Also, as for member forums, I suggest not immediately approving them as not doing this may leave your forum cluttered. I also suggest placing the member forum listing not on the index, but as a sub-forum of a new member forums section.

Also, out of interest, to what extent do members own their member forum. The system currently seems to me like an automatic addition policy of any sub-forums a member suggests to your board.

Just my 20 pence.

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Rubrica, I have to admit that I love your signature. If you dont mind, I am going to take a shot at creating my own, except it will be a lot darker and err, different :? :)

Grr, I was going to try and make a dark version. U steeled mah ideah!!

And yes, I'm reading I Can Has Cheeseburger at the moment. :D

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Heh, I got Rock Band today!

It's awesome, although the guitar strum bar feels a bit plastic to me, and dosen't really seem part of the controller.

I know, I use my GH3 Guitar instead f the RB one. And I have to play Guitar or Bass because I can't sing, and I'm not cordinated enough to play the drums. 8)


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