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andrew... how on earth do you make the drawings in your sig? Well.. did you make them? Like hand draw them? or were they.. like a render?

Well, to be honest, I usually use stocks, and then arrange them in a good looking manner. I cut the kid out from the game, applies some effects, same with the guy, but as for the cartoon kid, it's used in the IWBTG poster, and because I can't use feather decently anymore (No, it isn't my fault either, I want an old version of Feather) and Alpha Mask didn't work well on cutting it out, I got a version from a friend I have on the IWBTG forums.

And @ T_LH, hey, I still can't play HL2. While Portal is great, I want to play HL2. But, what are your computer specks? My computer is a few years old and runs Portal fine.

The new version of feather can do anything the old version can and more.

In other words: it's better.


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That would be dxdiag, however, IIRC, dxdiag doesn't repair DX9. You could ofcourse download and reinstall it. (I believe it's also included on the CD/DVD)

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